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Quick warm up doodle before I work on something for Holly! 

t̩̻̩̱̭he͉̤̩̳̲̻ͅs̖̘̰͉͙e͓ thin͝gs i̸ns͠i҉de ̡my̧ hea̋̓ͫ̈d̴,͝ th̷ey͢ never͘ ma̭͙͓͖d̵e ͢m̸u̵c̕h͏ s͠ens͡e͞



I just wanted to post this before I went to bed because my night was fucking amazing. I have to go to bed and stuff so i can work tomorrow but I have a ton of pictures to post tomorrow. The show was incredible, and even though I was terrified to meet him I’m glad I did because he was so fucking nice and he signed my elbow for me and everything.

AND when i got up to the fucking merch table (that frank is running by himself btw) he complimented my stevie ray vaughn tee shirt and when I told him I wanted to buy a shirt HE ASKED ME IF WE COULD TRADE. And And I had to like, you know, check myself because the guitar player of my favorite band and one of my favorite musicians EVER asked if he could HAVE MY TEE SHIRT.

so he handed over the shirt and said, “you have to leave your friends here, as collateral”  and I went to the bathroom and changed and handed my Stevie Ray teeshirt over to Frank Iero. 

If you have a change to go to one of these fucking shows - GO- it will change your life.


I meet this lad tonight and frankly that’s all that matters


me: thanks for existing. im sorry thats so nerdy.
frank: hey, no it’s not. you too.


Rap’s not really my thing but when classic rock fans shit on it cos it “is only about sex and drugs”
have you ever listened to classic rock


what it’s like to be an artist, writer, musician, ….



This is the original of this repost.

One of my favorite stage antics.